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Dish Cable TV internet billing software

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Dish Cable TV internet billing software

ISP refers to an internet service provider. ISP billing software is the most essential software for the organization that provides internet service. For the convenience of such type service providers in the case of managing HR, getting request, creating and managing home user offering package course, collecting money with proper invoice, managing customer, employee, store, sending SMS and above all going through the report, Software Solution Company offers ISP billing software. The software created by this company is easy to realize, comfortable to use and satisfactory to manage the company without difficulty as it is formed with easy functions. Our company opens a new horizon in this field. Using this software, you can easily keep the calculation of the clients who make a request to you for internet connection. You can add them in home user module writing the information wanted in the form. You can also know about your service in the physical field from the complaint module. HR admin can be managed properly using our software. You can also do business with the corporate and reseller easily. Employee maintenance is a very important part to run a business smoothly. You can create the employee type for giving access and salary. Store management can also be minutely done. Actually, all the modules in our ISP billing software have been generated thinking of the advantages for the ISP association.

Features of Dish Cable TV internet billing software

Dynamic Dashboard:

  • HR Admin
  • Add User Type
  • Access Permission
  • Add Company
  • Add Branch
  • Manage HR Admin
  • Manage Branch
  • Manage Access Permission

Collection Manegment

  • Client Collection Request
  • Add Client Collection
  • Manage Client Collection
  • Daily Client Collection
  • Monthly Client Collection

User Manegment

  • Create Home User
  • Manage Home User
  • Active Home User
  • In Active Home User
  • Lock Home User
  • Temporary Home User
  • Area Wise Home User
  • Add Package
  • Add District

Bill Management

  • Bill Collection
  • Manage Bill Collection
  • Delete Bill Collection
  • Daily Bill Collection
  • Monthly Bill Collection
  • Unpaid Bill Report

Clients Management

  • Corporate Client
  • Manage Corporate Client
  • Corporate Client List
  • Reseller Client
  • Reseller Client List
  • Manage Reseller Client

Complain Management

  • Complain Client
  • Manage Complain Client
  • Daily Complain Client
  • Monthly Complain Client
  • Pending Complain Client
  • Processing Complain Client
  • Complete Complain Client

Invoice Management

  • Create Invoice
  • View Invoice
  • Delete Invoice
  • Manage Invoice
  • Daily Invoice List
  • Monthly Invoice List

Report Management

  • Finance
  • Create Bank
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Daily Income Report
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Expense Report
  • Monthly Expense Report

Store Management

  • Store Management
  • Product Registration
  • Product Category
  • Unit Type
  • Supplier
  • Product Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Sales Product
  • Sales Product List

Employee Management

  • Employee Management
  • Employee Type
  • Employee
  • Employee Salary
  • Employee Salary Report


  • SMS Gateway
  • Mikrotik Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • FTP Apps

Backup Your Software Database Easily

  • Export your various data
  • Import your various data
  • Excel formats
  • Word formats
  • pdf formats
  • csv formats
  • Png formats
  • Prient
  • Etc
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