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Quality Hospital Management Software

The Hospital Management System (HMS) is an integrated software that handles different directions of hospital procedures. It manages the smooth health care as well as the administrative, medical, legal and financial control. GloriousIT, one of the best software development company in Bangladesh are providing high quality Hospital Management System software for Hospital Management Solution in Bangladesh. This ERP system is a cornerstone for the successful operation of the healthcare facility.

Features of Hospital Management Software

Patient Management

  • Easy and faster patient management
  • Allocate unique patient identification no
  • Patient informative details
  • No patient duplication entry
  • Several types of reports
  • SMS & email notification
  • Patient smart ID card with the barcode

Invoicing & Billing

  • The account is integrated with all the modules
  • Generate invoices for patients & other services
  • Track patients payment history for better revenue
  • Know discount, due, refund & PC/referral amounts
  • Three types of receipt with interactive design

Outpatient(OPD) Management

  • Generate patients unique identification number
  • Receive doctor consultation payment
  • Receive investigation payment
  • Track patients due investigation payment
  • Doctor appointment with auto serial
  • Manages item prices with referral fees
  • View patients past medical records
  • Auto referral/PC system


  • Easily manages patient admission/discharge/transfer
  • Effortlessly allocate bed/ward/cabin by availability
  •  Records patient information & diseases
  • Generate related consent forms for signature
  • Patients information with ward/cabin no & admission date
  • Generate birth/death certificate, discharge & surgery details
  • Bed/ward/cabin management by floor or room
  • Patient list with admit date, disease, department etc
  • Discharge patient list
  • Patients list with hospital, pharmacy bill & due list
  • Generate overall bill of discharged patients

Pathology & Radiology

  • Receive investigation request from billing
  • Collect sample of invoiced investigation
  • Faster result entry on your own template report
  • Deliver reports based on investigation payment status
  • Notification of reagent stock to avoid out of stock scenario
  • Monitor investigation status & current queue
  • SMS/email to patient when results are available


  • Medicine management with add/edit/delete
  • Alert for expired medicines
  • Notification for low stock medicines
  • Possible gross profit reports for medicine
  • Medicine requisition with approval system
  • Automatically billing against purchase order
  • Rack/shelf management
  • Multiple medicine sales report
  • View complete summary of IPD patient dues
  • Quickly sell medicine to IPD & OPD patients
  • Medicine return, refund etc
  • Supplier/vendor management

Online Patient Portal

  • Patient Profile
  • Doctor appointment request & list
  • Electronic prescription prescribed by doctor
  • Doctor Visit History
  • Diagnostic History
  • Payment history
  • Bill history
  • Patient’s personal health record
  • SMS History

Doctor Portal & E-prescription

  • Patient list & reports
  • Patient appointment list
  • Easy & faster e-prescription system
  • Previous prescription of a patient
  • Patients medical/health/case/records
  •  Different statics report on patients records
  • Dynamically e-prescription setup & templating

Financial Reports

  • Transparent accounts with ensured security
  • General ledger, account payable & receivable
  • Charts of accounts
  • Payment voucher entries
  • Balance sheet, profit & loss
  • Item wise income & expense
  • Day book, cash book and bank book
  • Pharmacy sale report
  • Patient based due report

Backup Your Software Database Easily

  • Export your various data
  • Import your various data
  • Excel formats
  • Word formats
  • pdf formats
  • csv formats
  • Png formats
  • Prient
  • Etc
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